About Combilift

Combilift is the largest global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts and an acknowledged leader in long load handling solutions. More than 40,000 units have been sold in over 85 countries since Combilift was established in 1998.

The driving force behind Combilift’s operations is a desire to deliver innovation in the material handling arena. Responsiveness to the ever-changing needs of the customer permeates every area of the business.

Combilift continually invests 7% of all revenue in research and development as part of its relentless quest to find safer, more productive and more cost-effective ways to lift challenging loads in challenging environments.  The company’s commitment to new product development has seen it continue to blaze a trail through the lifting and handling industry worldwide, cementing the company’s reputation as a global leader.

Combilift employs more than 500 people and occupies a brand new, purpose-built facility spanning 46,500 m² in Monaghan, Ireland.


The most agile 4-way sideloader forklift truck

To fulfil the need for a sideloader with the manoeuvrability and versatility of a multi-directional forklift the Combi-SL range was developed. The 3-wheeled sideloader features the highest quality components and innovative technology to offer powerful performance and dependable operation in even the most demanding applications.

A Forklift which is safe and easy to manoeuvre

Long load handling with conventional forklifts often involves operators travelling with loads held aloft to avoid obstacles, which is extremely risky both for personnel and the product.

Multi-directional travel makes Combilift forklifts exceptionally easy to manoeuvre – at the flick of a switch the operator can alter the direction of travel and easily fit a long load through a narrow space, avoiding dangerous handling practices.  Our unique cab design ensures the operator has excellent visibility at all times.

The integrated platform means the load can be securely rested during transit for stability, avoiding unnecessary strain on the moving parts of the forklift.

Combilift C-series forklift lifting length of timber

Versatile and cost-effective

Manufacturers of long materials such as steel, timber and plastic often have huge warehouses with large amounts of wasted space – space that’s needed for a conventional forklift to turn which can have practical, financial and even environmental implications.

Combilift’s concept is built around the efficient use of space.  Our multi-directional and articulated technology alone can double the capacity of any warehouse – but with our bespoke service, you can tailor your Combilift for the performance and precision that you need.

With diesel, electric and gas-powered engine options, Combilift adapts to any environment seamlessly.  At home both indoors and out, the versatility and cost-efficiency we can bring to your business is unrivalled.

Combilift Combi-CB forklift carrying insulation in factory

Forklifts designed to handle grueling schedules.

Combilift forklifts are built to last, even in the most challenging environments. Designed to the highest specification and solid construction ensure that all our products can maintain the highest levels of performance.

When the machine requires repair, the use of simple design and readily available components minimises downtime.

Built using straightforward design and only the highest quality standard components, only essential sensitive electronics Combilift forklifts are easily maintained extending their operational lifespan which leads to an excellent return on investment.





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Reference DSW266
Model C5000SL4
Power Diesel
Nominal Capacity 5000kg
Maximum Lift Height 4000mm
Mast Lowered Height 2050mm
Mast Type Duplex Full Free Lift
Fork Length 1070mm
Tyre Type Pneumatic profile solid rubber
Fitted With Power steering
Suspension seat
Battery fuel gauge
Hour meter




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