The Combilift SL allows companies to have the benefits of narrow aisles, superior manoeuvrability and the ability to block or bulk stack by driving forwards.

cseries carrying concrete


Safer. Simpler. Smarter.

All over the world, Combilift is revolutionising the way companies handle and store materials, especially long and awkward loads, or when space is limited.

Our pioneering product range includes multi-directional, articulated, pedestrian forklifts as well as straddle carriers. Companies of all sizes, across a diverse array of industries, are using Combilift handling solutions – but what our customers all have in common is an understanding of how clever design can maximize efficiency, safety and profitability in their business.

The Combilift Advantage

Combilift’s innovative handling solutions can:

  • Increase indoor and outdoor storage capacity without the need for additional warehousing
  • Maximise safety when handling materials
  • Increase efficiency by enabling faster and more accurate handling
  • Minimise or eliminate product damage
  • Reduce fleet size through innovative, multi-purpose design
  • Provide considerable cost savings across the life of the truck
  • Optimise operator comfort with bespoke cab design
  • Effortlessly handle loads from 1 to 100 tonnes

Combilift, C-series carrying length of steel out of facility

Safer & More Productive

In business, mistakes can be costly, which is why we place safety as top priority. With a low centre of gravity and integrated platform, our trucks make it simple, swift and safe to transport long and heavy loads.

Multi-directional motion means easy navigation around obstacles, so there’s no need to travel with a load held aloft.  As for narrow aisles or doorways, no problem – and no damage to your buildings, your truck or your product either.

Combilift, C14000 carrying length of Plastic pipe

Double Storage with Combilift

Using patented, leading-edge technology, Combilift forklifts are equipped with a unique 4-way steering system that allows the units to travel sideways with long loads. This system gives the user multi-directional capability, delivering possible space savings of up to 100%.





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A Combilift for All Industries

From our powerful straddle carriers that can lift and move a 100-tonne capacity to our most compact, pedestrian operated forklifts, Combilift has applications in almost every industry.  Long and awkward loads are Combilift’s speciality, but we’ve developed adaptable technology that can fulfil all the needs of your business while reducing your fleet size.

Combilift, C-series carrying length of steel out of facility


Combilift, Combi-SC, remote control, carrying concrete prefabricated floor slab


Combilift, Combi-SC, loading a 20 ft container onto a trailer


Combilift C-Series forklift carrying aluminium


Combilift Combi-WR, pedestrian stacker stacking pallet of produce

Food & Drink

Combilift, C-series loading timber in Aisle


Comb-WR, Combilift, picking pallet in warehouse


Combilift, C-series lifting a stack of PVC piping of a lorry in a warehouse


Combilift, Combi-RT, unloading Poultry cages off a lorry


Combilift, C-series, stacking scrap cars on racking at a scrap yard


Combilift, C-series, carrying large PVC pipe




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