TLT 35D 


The TLT35 telescopic forklift is a strong and exceptionally versatile performer. Weighing between 5100 and 5500 kg (depending on spec), these industrial forklifts have a choice of standard 2WD or optional 4WD.

A 46 kW engine is fitted to this reach forklift. Lift capacity is 3500 kg and lift height is 4.4 m (4.35 m for 4WD option).

Our telescopic forklift design has a wealth of benefits, not least the fact that, because the long reach enables single side truck loading, you could save up to 50% loading space in congested yards. That space can, of course, be used to create pedestrian zones in yards.

The unique telescopic boom also provides unrivalled visibility and the 111 degrees of carriage rotation makes handling of goods much easier and safer. The 4×4 option allows operators to work on poor gradients and surfaces where conventional forklifts can not go.


  • 46 kW diesel engine
  • 4WD option for improved traction on loose surfaces
  • 2100 kg forward reach lift capacity (2400kg for 4WD option)
  • Easily-accessible components and service check areas
  • 3500 kg lift capacity and 4.4 m lift height (4.35 m for 4WD option)




The JCB TLT35 has productivity built in due to Telescopic boom.

The Teletruk offers typical savings of up to 30% on operating costs compared to a masted forklift truck. This is a result of the typical time, space, and fuel usage savings of single side loading.

Up to 50% yard loading space can be saved. The rest of the space can be utilised for other duties and there is no need to spend extra time repositioning vehicles around work yards.

Using a big bag shovel, loose aggregates can be bagged on demand saving time off loading pre-bagged materials and space from bulk bag storage.

The Teletruk can often do the work of five machines on site – a Conventional Masted Forklift Truck, Skid Steer Loader, Compact Telescopic Handler, Rough Terrain Forklift and a Compact Wheeled Loader. This could reduce your fleet holding and operational running costs.

The counterbalance forklift also benefits from a fast, easy attachment changing system; switching between attachments can be done in under 30 seconds, from inside the cab, using the JCB Changezee, saving both time and fleet operation costs.


The Wastemaster Teletruk is specifically designed with industry considerations in mind.  The JCB Teletruk is an ideal solution for the Waste and recycling sector thanks to its robust design, manufacture and high performance.

To ensure ultimate protection for machines working in arduous, dusty environments, JCB has various Wastemaster kit options for specific applications available.  These include heavy-duty carriage, protective guards, high-level air intakes, wide-core radiator, counterweight chevrons, fire extinguisher, panoramic mirror and In-cab coolant temperature gauge.

In 2015, The Wastemaster Plus model has been introduced which includes additional features such as an interlocking seatbelt meaning the operator can’t start the machine until the seatbelt is fastened, all-round LED worklights and two additional LED low level mounted worklights for greater visibility for the operator and enhanced safety. An air intake protective guard and valve block protective guard to help prevent debris from blocking the air intake or entering the engine compartment and additional hi-vis counterweight chevrons and distinctive Wastemaster branding to help visibility of the machine.


 In short, the TLT35 telescopic forklift raises more than just loads; it raises the standard for all forklift trucks.


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