Yale reach truckTo increase the productivity of your business, speed and control is of the essence. Higher travel speeds for long travel distances throughout your warehouse and lower speeds for precise load handling. The MR series gives you both.


To move more loads per hour, fast cycle times are essential. 


The robust heavy-duty mast design provides high residual capacities and stable load handling enabling faster put away and retrieval times.


Your operator can choose between 180° and 360° steering at the touch of a button.

360° steering  Yale reach trucks

Drive wheel rotates 270° when maneuvering within the aisle without stopping.

180° steering 

Truck has to come to a stop and direction of travel selected manually by operator.


Think ergonomics

Premium display
Yale reach truck premium displayAn industry first premium touch screen display allows operators to be in full control of the truck at all times. The display provides PIN access, height preselect, fleet management information, weight indication, lift interrupt override, creep speed selection all at the touch of the screen. The screen opens up the possibility of regular updates to ensure that your truck will continue to benefit from the latest software versions and high levels of information.


Comfortably better
Getting into the operator compartment and retaining comfortable throughout the shift is a Yale® prerequisite. Yale reach truck stepThe lowest and widest step in the industry, integrated grab handles and an adjustable steering column support easy access. A new full suspension adjustable seat with integral lumbar support dramatically reduces whole body vibration; while wider spaced floor pedals provide increased leg room and a more comfortable operating position.


Ergonomic controls
Push button 360° steering offers greater driving control and more accurate positioning at the rack face. The new joystick with integrated controls mimics the natural shape of the hand, providing easy access for all lift functions, forward/reverse, and the horn. The AccuTouch™ mini-lever module with built-in controls maximizes operator familiarity, while additional function buttons are integrated into the adjustable armrest.

Lowering the cost of ownership

By designing and building reliability and dependability into every Yale® MR series model, and then working ceaselessly in your business you will benefit from increased productivity and a greater return on your materials handling fleet investment.

Renowned reliability

Reliability is built into every Yale® materials handling product through the use of quality industrial standard components. The latest generation AC motors, Vehicle Control Manager and state of the art controls contribute to increased levels of productivity and uptime.

Superior serviceability

Increased productivity through lower maintenance. The MR series is designed for fast, simple servicing, reducing downtime and keeping your truck operational.


MR Series Brochure

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Reference DW0568
Condition Refurbished
Model MR20HD
Power Electric
Nominal Capacity 2000Kg
Maximum Lift Height 10528mm
Mast Lowered Height 4500mm
Mast Type Triple F/F
Fork Length 1000mm
Transmission Automatic
Tyre Type Pneumatic
Solid Rubber
Fitted With
Power steering
Suspension seat
Hour meter
Side shift
Full free lift


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